Ep. 87 - Horizons with Matthew Serrano

you gotta love a vendetta that involves the creation of many shell corporations

On this week's show we wax nostalgic for the future that never was as Matthew Serrano (Live From The Space Stage: A Halyx Story, Remain Seated Please - A Hoot & Chief Story, @matthewgserrano) returns to the show to discuss the gone but not forgotten Epcot Center classic, Horizons. We cover everything from the corporate optimism to the retro futurism to the incredible music. We also get VIOLENTLY sidetracked by trying to figure out whether or not Beth has Mandela Effect-ed a Horizons reference into her memories of the shitty Eric Idle version of Journey Into Imagination.

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Ep. 86 - Grim Fandango with Andrew Helmer

“Bobby Moynihan’s on the blower and he wants to remake an old adventure game? Alright, sure…”

On this week's show, we take a four year journey into the land of the dead with skeleton travel agent turned podcaster Andrew Helmer (That Was A Show? Podcast, @andrewhelmer) as we discuss the late 90s LucasArts classic Grim Fandango. We discuss the art, architecture and music of this one of a kind Day of the Dead/film noir themed game, all of which have left a lasting impact on both the adventure game scene and our guest. I don't really have any jokes for this one! It's a good episode about a good game, what else do you want from me?

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Ep. 85 - No Doubt with Chelsea Pope

sketch comedy is a volume game


On this week's show, we take a journey to the tragic kingdom of Orange County as we go deep on No Doubt with Chelsea Pope (The Groundlings, The Pack Theater, Those Jen Psaki videos, @chelseathepope). We talk about the band's evolution, Gwen Stefani's journey from backing vocals to leading lady, and those sweet sweet sweet horns.

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Ep. 84 - Primus with Erik Wargo

that’s right, jerry reed’s orange and blue jacket from the 70s

Episode Notes

"WELLIREMEMBERITASTHOUGHTITWEREAPODAGOOOOOOOOOOOO" said Tommy The Podcat as he sauntered his way towards the episode description box for this week's episode. "Hmmm," this most felicitous feline thought to himself, "an episode with Erik Wargo (Nightchurch, @erikwargo) about the musical stylings of one Mr. Les Claypool and his band Primus. That sounds like a pretty good show to me." We get deep in the low end on the wild career of one of the most singular bass players in music, and only spend about eight minutes of the show doing mouth bass noises. Primus! Oysterhead! Sausage! Bernie Brains! All of it and more!

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Ep. 83 - Mr. Show with Bryan Musil

canada's kicking our ass

On this week's episode, episode number 24 because that's the highest number so this would have to be episode numbah 24, Pack Theater sweetheart Bryan Musil (Tantrum, @bryangdmusil) joins us to talk cult 90's 24's sketch show Mr. Show with Bob and David. Despite only running for 30 24 episodes over four years it remains beloved by sketch dorks decades later, and launched the careers of some of the most successful comedians working today. We also discuss Mr. Show's place in the pantheon of sketch comedy shows, and what has and hasn't aged particularly well since it originally aired 26 24 years ago.

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Ep. 82 - Les Misérables with Andrew Lee

"I've got a friend named Miss Saigon/She flies a chopper in her sleep"

PODCAST! AT LAST! YOU PUT IT IN YOUR EARS! THE "LES MIS" SHOW! IT'S SADDER THAN YOU'VE FEAAAAAAAARED! On this week's show we take a trip down the ol' Mis herself as Andrew Lee (Rabble Rabble at The Pack, @andreww_lee) joins us to talk Broadway's most French musical, Les Miserables. We get properly overdramatic and properly in our feelings as we go deep on this insanely popular musical about a revolution that super duper does not work out. There's lots of singing, lots of jokes about the French, and a sneak preview at Brandon and Andrew's upcoming, canonical sequel Dos Mis. Plus: Hear Brandon say, in all sincerity and with just a bit too much ire "I'm glad that child died." Don't forget to leave a rating and review on the ol' Apple Podcasts thing. Tell 'em Gavroche sent you for 20% off your next failed revolution.

Ep. 81 - Sinéad O'Connor with Jordan Kurtzman

elvis costello singin' like a vaudeville crooner

On this week's show, comedian/writer/actor Jordan Kurtzman (Hot City, @jordankurtzman) joins us to talk Sinéad O'Connor, specifically her album I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got. We go deep on this album full of big feelings, big sounds and big swings from an artist who has truly been through the ringer (even before her ill-fated SNL appearance).

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Ep. 80 - Orson Welles with James Kislingbury

aaaaaaaah MandaLORian, I see you have a little man there...

*action orson please*

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahthepodcast! on this week's program your hosts, that constantly quarreling yet always loving married couple Brennan and Becca, they of I Think You'd Be Into It, are joined by comedian and fellow podcaster James Kislingbury (A Quality Interruption, World's a Mess, @kislingtwits), to discuss me.....Orson Welles....you see I've somehow managed to defy the will of death himself, throwing loose the shackles of eternity to return once more to perform and introductory, a commencement if you will, for this lovely radio program that you listen to on a computer. I've seen several computers, all of them larger than Heston's ego and yet not nearly as useful to me, and the idea that a radio program could come out of one is as preposterous as the idea that Heston could be mistaken for a human in a world full of apes. But I digress. Pod Masson wines gets you drunk on podcasts.. Huhhznzh...zzzzzz.....zzzzz......zzzzzz....

Ep. 79 - Guitars with Mike Pfeiffer


Guitar nerd show! Guitar nerd show! Guitar nerd show! On this week's episode we're joined by Mike Pfeiffer of The Hell Yeah Babies (@hellyeahbabies) to talk about all sorts of guitar bullshit! Hot rodding! Squeedlies! Meedlies! Van Halens! Guitar youtube! Custom builds! Pedals essentially being astrology for dudes! You name it, we probably talk about it or make fun of it a little bit!

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Ep. 78 - Josie & The Pussycats (2001)

dujour means ohana

This week Dujour means podcast as we're joined by writer Cameron DeOrdio (Archie Comics' Josie & The Pussycats #1-9, @stopgrammartime) to talk the subversive teen-pop classic Josie & The Pussycats. There's so much going on in this wild satire of 90s commercialism that we barely scratch the surface but we Dujour our best to explain why this box office bomb has gained such a cult following over the last 20 years.

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