Ep. 84 - Primus with Erik Wargo

that’s right, jerry reed’s orange and blue jacket from the 70s

9 months ago

Episode Notes

"WELLIREMEMBERITASTHOUGHTITWEREAPODAGOOOOOOOOOOOO" said Tommy The Podcat as he sauntered his way towards the episode description box for this week's episode. "Hmmm," this most felicitous feline thought to himself, "an episode with Erik Wargo (Nightchurch, @erikwargo) about the musical stylings of one Mr. Les Claypool and his band Primus. That sounds like a pretty good show to me." We get deep in the low end on the wild career of one of the most singular bass players in music, and only spend about eight minutes of the show doing mouth bass noises. Primus! Oysterhead! Sausage! Bernie Brains! All of it and more!

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