Ep. 90 - Los Angeles with CK Kimball

a giant train that eats ass of other trains

7 months ago


On this week's episode, we dive into the glitz, the glamour, the gall, the gallantry, the champagne wishes and CBD quinoa salad dreams as we discuss the city of lights, the city of brotherly love, the big muddy herself Los Angeles with the big muddy herself CK Kimball (Hey LA, Certified burlesque genius, @glitterpizzacat)! All joking aside LA is a very weird, very nuanced city that a lot of people have never really given a chance, and CK comes with an incredibly fresh, on-the-ground look at what makes this city truly special. Also, turns out, this is the episode with all of the follow-up jokes* about Snowpiercer...one thousand and one bits long...

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*we'll call 'em that, sure

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